Civil War / Transcription

The following transcription is on my great great grandfather's headstone and I was wondering if someone could help me decipher it as I cannot find any record besides his obit that he was even in the war...

Michael Weyer
O.F. 3 REG F.A. N.Y. V.
face free trials warning

Please remember to keep track of when your free trial runs out.. Ancestry WILL bill your bank account without warning. They did this to me Friday night and over drew my account. I had no warning that my free trial was up and that a bill was coming, just the aftermath of 155.40 vanishing from my bank account and not knowing where it went until driving the 45 mins to my bank to speak with a live person. I had not accessed the free trial in 6-8 months(it was a year trial that came with the family tree maker program.
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Lost bird

I'm not really involved with genealogy for its own sake, but I have been trying to track down my grandmother, Shirley Mae Barnes (or that was her name when she had my father). I did not know who my father was until I was 14, and having heard the bad things that happened to her before she ran away from my grandfather, I haven't had the nerve to try and find her until now. She was ndn, born May 5,1926, adopted into a white family (Prince) in Milwaukee, and I have no idea how to go about finding out more about her or her family. Any suggestions or even just encouragement would be helpful....
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(no subject)

 I love genealogy! It is one of the Coolest things ever... I am a Fourth Generation Genealogist. My mother, her mother and her mother (my Great Grandmother) were/are all genealogists. But I must say I have made the most progress thanks to the internet. I have found through the17th Century on a couple branches. 

What I wanted to post about is, I am a member of a site called Photomax. And what this site does is scan and archives your photos. I went though my photos and found pictures I had of my Grandmother and Grandfather. As far as I know I am the only one with a copy. I was always afraid that I might lose them, or my house might burn, or more likely where I live a flood (I'm from Oregon where is rains a lot ;) So what i did when I found this site was send them my photos and they scanned them and archived them. I then payed a little more and the made a Movie out of them... Where my family photos fly around and it played great music... 

Anyways I thought that I should pass this on to the people that would love it most, fellow Geneologists. 

The site is If you sign up you get 20 free photo prints. Its a members tells members only site, so you have to have a referral... So you have to put my Email address... which is and then the rest of the info is yours... I hope some of your find this fun! I would love to post a copy of my DVD but I haven;t figured out how yet lol... but I will once I figure it out.

James Lee kelley

Family Names ~ Kelley, Belletto, Jacobson/sen, Goss, Peterson, Struthers, Baird, Hoover 

Adoption ...


My name is Kristina Hall and I am adopted. I am trying to make a basic family tree for my doctor and to track medical issues throughout the family and because I am curious.

My birth mothers name is Patricia Nixon, born 01/01/62 and my birth fathers first name was some variation of Steven and last name was a variation of Combs or Coombs.

They were not married, or anything like that. I can get and very information for the Nixon side of the family but cannot for the other side since I don't have any such information.

Is there a way to build a tress with this information? How would I go about doing it for free?

1940 United States Census Records

The United States census records are slated to be released in 2012, which is only  four years away.  I'm really excited about that as it holds the potential of helping me with a couple of my brick walls.
Does anyone know if this happens in January of that year?  Or does anyone happen to be able to shed any details of how this release of these documents happens?
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Social Security death index (I think)

Aboyut a year ago, I found this website where I entered in someone's name and information came up about the person's relatives, like their parents, spouse and children.

I was wondering if anyone knows about a site like that? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!
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incredibly nice people on!!

A great story..

So  yesterday, I got an email from someone on who pointed me in the direction of a Civil War Solidier's bible that was written in by my great-great grandfather and carried throughout the war by him. I guess she found him listed on my family tree.

She's not selling the item, nor does she know who is... she just thought things like that should stay in the family. As they should!

After researching it, I found out the bible went to my great-grandfather's brother and his branch has apparently died out/lost the bible along the way. 

if your curious, they were Union soliders :)

fingers crossed, nails biting, I need to get this for my father as an Xmas gift!
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What sites do you use?
Do you use your family for information?
How do you get new information.
I have a tree on ancestry that is growing, but I would like it to keep growing and seeing who else I am related to.
Thanks for your help
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Any Suggestions?

Does any one have any suggestions on how to search people who weren't really married. Is the best way just to go back to the person's maiden name and try and work forward that way? I only ask as my grandparents were never married but had children.

Saying that I can't find my grandfather either, he seems to be somewhat of a mystery.....

Bit of a long shot but I don't suppose there's anyone on here that knew Mary Jane Freer or possibly Frere from Yorkshire England or George Elliott who apparently came from Guildford England?