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I'm wondering how much leeway I should give when evaluating information contained in an old census.

I've been looking for my great-grandparents in the 1930s census. I think I found the household, but there are things that don't jive.

The names listed are Patrick (head), May (wife), Mary (daughter) and Patrick (son). All that is correct save that my great-grandmother's name was Mary and not May. I see how a reasonable error may have been made with my great-grandfather's Irish pronunciation, if the recorder did not share his accent. Also, May is not a common Irish name, and the daughter is not named May, which would be a further break with custom. The recorder seems to have had neat handwriting, but, as can be seen from the "occupation" responses being recorded on the wrong line and corrected with arrows, he may have gotten to their building at the end of a long day.

The ages of all four people seem to correspond to my relatives.

The birthplaces of all four people correspond to my relatives

The neighborhood is correct as far as where they were living at the time (but I don't know a specific address...that's what I'm hoping to find with the census).

The year of immigration for "May" (Mary?) seems reasonable according to family history.

The year of immigration for Patrick (1907) does not seem reasonable according to family history. 1917 could be reasonable, and he supposedly came to the US on the run from the law, and so might possibly be inclined to lie (?)

So it basically all fits save the wife's name (awfully close) and the husband's immigration year. There is nothing else in the 1930 census on that appears to be as remotely close to what I expected to find as this.

What I'd like to know is, should this result be tossed, forever regarded questionable, or accepted "with an asterisk" as most likely the correct family?

the page (household begins on line 5):

much thanks in advance for any advice

Surname Adams (Jacksonville, FL) 1943

To make a long story short my mother is secretive about life.  Her maiden name is Adams and she was born in April, 1943.  She's never even given me the definitive date, but it's between the 6th and 9th.  She grew up in Jacksonville, FL and graduated from high school in 1961.  Her mother was an English teacher from what I remember in some of our talks.  Her mother was remarried to a fellow by the last name of Gaskins after she was widowed.  She had 7 brothers.  I believe some of them were half-brothers from the second marriage.  One brother was killed in Vietnam.  I am hoping to make contact with some of my cousins from that side of the family. 

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I'm looking for people with the last name SONIN. I'm trying to find out about my great grandfather, whom my grandfather never mentioned. No one in my immediate family even knows his name. HELP!

Quebec Genealogy

First, I would like to thank ms_geekette for all the help and resources that she was able provided me.

*Drum roll*.... And now to my question.

I was wondering who else is researching their family in Quebec? With the help of and, I was able to trace my roots pretty far back. As a newbie to this, I have no clue where to search for "cause of death" "land deeds", etc. The only thing I do know how to search for is the Drouin marriage, birth and death records as well as the censuses. Anything beyond that is beyond my knowledge.

If anyone could provide me some tips it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Damned is buying up all the free Genealogy sites (it seems)so they can start charging people for it.. Ive lost my best free census site. Damn you, you extortionist money grubbing buttheads!!


I'm an amateur geneaologist, but the third in my family who has pursued the history (at least, out of the ones that I know :P). If anyone has any information about the Swettenham family from Somorford Booths OR Swettenham, England, I would be interested in swapping information/stories. In addition to my research, my brother's, and our great-uncle's, I also have a long document about family legend and Swetnams across America that was created by a distant relative but which, unfortunately, does not cite sources.

At the moment I'm trying to find any information related to Alexander Swetnam and his wife Ann Roane; the only thing I know is that Alexander died in 1789 and they lived in Stafford County, VA. They had possibly two sons - John Swetnam, born 1747, and married to Sarah (Fickland) Ficklin (born before 1751), and Thomas Swetnam, who married Frances (Fanny) Call in 1765 in Hanover, VA. Any information about Alexander or his wife Ann would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi!, If you are looking for the name Ragageles, you have just found one XD I'm looking for others with the same name and I'm doing the family tree, you can find information on my BLOG, there is a portuguese version too.
Every thing I found I post there, sone I will post the names I have there.