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Letter to 80 year old great aunt re geneaology

cut/paste from the present sent to my aunt in Mississippi today. I am remiss in correspondence as she provided the necessary information to get going on the project. It has been paused at the middle ages in England w/ the eldest relative born in 1288, an ancestor of Lord Throckmorton. The mormon's seem to have uploaded everything from England given the missionaries who brought pilgrims back to the states - my benefit though none of us ever encountered them. encouragement to everyone to keep at it and print something for your families even if it is just a sketch!
Dear Aunt Betty Jane,

Please find following a lengthy, hodge-podge printout of the Ward/Cope family line. It may be found online at under search for the file - ______ family’ for those who may be so interested. A link to the file may also be emailed to someone along with an invitation to collaborate. It may be ‘easiest’ to lay the printouts out on the floor or a table after initially unfolding the package. Tacking it to a wall may also aid in viewing the extensive family tree.

I hope I have not inundated you! All but the most far-reaching lines have been included with a few examples. It is certainly understandable why some charts take years to complete ensuring thorough records evaluation let alone time. A few further general notes follow:

• I have hand-written some further dates and information as the screen print-outs do not, for whatever reason, show the birth and death dates with locations. (Please forgive my handwriting!)
o The bulk of the research was completed this summer with some holes filled-in during this last week.
o The project is ongoing as time permits.
• Most of the last 150 years of more immediate relatives have been the hardest to determine due to lack of online records. It will be possible to fill in this information later at the county or city level. For example: Gramie’s birth record; the West family marriage records and anything from the US Civil war.
o I may hire an expert to find the local level records and do plan on DNA family tests in the coming year ultimately determining lineage.
• Not all siblings are printed out simply for a matter of space. As others share common ancestors; the process has been easier given other distant relatives who are also seeking common ancestors. We have shared and tag-teamed research.
• Original records have been printed out for your interest – your father’s WW I & II, census records and the oldest which is the marriage record of 1816 for Absolom Lasater.
• Records further-back than the first ‘official’ U.S. census of 1790 were not able to be printed as they are yet to be scanned but are officially certified by the Millennium project, International census records and other families who have transcribed records from their family bibles to local county and parish records.
• Most of our distant relatives date to England coming-over in the 1600’s. Our ancestors were some of the first colonists in Virginia progressing to North Carolina, Pennsylvania through to Tennessee and Kentucky before reaching Southern Illinois at the turn of the last century. (There are many English records online due to the Mormon archives – several of their early followers were immigrants ‘fresh off the boat’ from England due to Mormon Missionaries. Note NO MORMONS are listed as our blood-lineage.)
• Age differences from the father/husbands to the mother/wives were common along with multiple wives who died in childbirth (12+ children were common) or later in life due to complications.
o Not all wives maiden names were recorded hence the end of some trees.
• My records have stopped along the middle ages with the eldest ancestor being born around 1288.
o Notable names of England include Lord Throckmorton.
o Our American family surnames are numerous throughout early colonist publications. To date, we are not traced directly to any of the founding fathers of the USA nor Johnny Appleseed, Davey Crockett or Jim Bowie as Gramie/your sister told tales when I was a child. It does seem we have a history of ‘staying out of it’ particularly the wars though
 we did have family member’s siblings fighting in the Civil war.

There are numerous other notes one could make but I shall stop here and wish you a happy Holidays before inundating you even further. Please contact me with any further questions you may have. I will be traveling to Canada over the holidays but return for work commencing on the 7th. My next major venture is to Kuala Lampur, Malaysia in October of 2010 for three months returning from there or Singapore to move everything else over in January of 2011 after employment has finally been secured. Do find the phone number and mailing address in the header and footer of this correspondence.

Happy Holidays and to Pam!

With Love,

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