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Anna M. (Flaharty) Smalley

Hello fellow genealogy lovers, I've been using and have been researching much of my family history for 6 years (I'm 18). My paternal grandfather is the hardest to find information on past his own parents because he came over to the States from Germany at the age of 2.

I am trying to find more information on my paternal grandma's grandmother. Her maiden name is Flaharty (as written in my grandma's Ancestry book) and she was married to William Henry Smalley on March 1, 1888. Her name is Anna M. (not sure what the M stands for) but, as with other ancestors, I'm not sure if it was listed with an alternate first and last name for spelling.

She was born in Illinois (no further information on city- not 100% sure this state is accurate) August 18, 1865 and died in Hobart, Lake (county), Indiana February 7, 1931. I am paying for worldwide (bullshit since I can't find anything in Germany) for a month on but still am very frustratingly limited with factual sources.

Help please and thank you!
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