cozzene (cozzene) wrote in myfamilytree,

Surname Adams (Jacksonville, FL) 1943

To make a long story short my mother is secretive about life.  Her maiden name is Adams and she was born in April, 1943.  She's never even given me the definitive date, but it's between the 6th and 9th.  She grew up in Jacksonville, FL and graduated from high school in 1961.  Her mother was an English teacher from what I remember in some of our talks.  Her mother was remarried to a fellow by the last name of Gaskins after she was widowed.  She had 7 brothers.  I believe some of them were half-brothers from the second marriage.  One brother was killed in Vietnam.  I am hoping to make contact with some of my cousins from that side of the family. 

Thank you,

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