All-Powerful Author (stayawaystar) wrote in myfamilytree,
All-Powerful Author


I'm an amateur geneaologist, but the third in my family who has pursued the history (at least, out of the ones that I know :P). If anyone has any information about the Swettenham family from Somorford Booths OR Swettenham, England, I would be interested in swapping information/stories. In addition to my research, my brother's, and our great-uncle's, I also have a long document about family legend and Swetnams across America that was created by a distant relative but which, unfortunately, does not cite sources.

At the moment I'm trying to find any information related to Alexander Swetnam and his wife Ann Roane; the only thing I know is that Alexander died in 1789 and they lived in Stafford County, VA. They had possibly two sons - John Swetnam, born 1747, and married to Sarah (Fickland) Ficklin (born before 1751), and Thomas Swetnam, who married Frances (Fanny) Call in 1765 in Hanover, VA. Any information about Alexander or his wife Ann would be greatly appreciated!
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